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Art by Christian Birmingham

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The Little Mermaid . Christian Birmingham


The Little mermaid illustrations by Christian Birmingham

Olivier Ledroit


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Angels Do Not Put On Armour

Two angels wore so much shining armour everyone thought they must be the most perfect of beings.

Then the day came when a knowledgeable blacksmith asked the metal of their armour.

Being made of nothing but lies the armour cracked to dust, the angels knew nothing of what was under their armour, a frail and shrivelled foreign they had never laid eyes upon.

It was called truth.

In desperation to remain glorious they answered with ignorant anger those close enough to question them. Cast out by those, the angels rose to find eyes that could still be blinded by false shinning light.

For it was the blacksmith that knew best, angels do not put on armour, the strongest armour is forged from the accepting of the deepest of truths.

©Copyright of Joseph Skidmore

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Jaw Cooper

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